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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I saw the post but noticed it doesnt differentiate between TL/non-TL

Does it mean that a DD1 (TL) will make roughly the same as a DD1 (non-TL)?

Asking this because I saw quite a few examples of DDs reporting to DD
How do you know what DD grade the TL is. Even if they are same grade as the non-TL, they may be at the cap of that salary band (or about to be promoted to next DD grade) if so there will still be a pay difference.

Its quite common for DD to report to other DD (TL). Leave others to explain to you (or maybe ask your TL ). Since they been entrusted with more responsibilities you may assume that the DD (TL) is higher grade which can estimate from no. of years experience.

Anyway, why does it matter unless you interested to be TL?

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