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Would like some advice for seniors..
I don't want to sound too pessimistic here, but the fm mmed examination which finally concluded yesterday was really difficult, and I honestly think I screwed up too many stations, slides and viva and will probably fail.

I was just wondering what happened to residents who can't pass their mmed after 3 attempts, which is the maximum that our residency candidature allows (Have there been such cases before?) What will be our fate (can we still stay in ops or go gp land, as we are essentially stuck with a mbbs and I guess equally qualified as a locum NSF? ) Or do we just take up gdfm then?

I asking more from the FM context but I guess the same thing applies to specialist trainess who can't clear the exit exams despite multiple attempts? (What happened to these trainees, do they just stay as RP for the department?)
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