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Thank you for the wall of text
There are 2 things being discussed.
The one u reply to is the lack of knowledge on some of the ops rp and gdfmer and the opinion that they should really not be allowed to practice independently.
Collegiality is not about sweeping things under the carpet by the way. You make a mistake, you should still be counselled and if repeated ..disciplined.
Like you say, u are a resident, u haven't been around long enuff in ops to see how jialat some of the rps are

Cannot afford medicine? And u just take the word for it?
Merdeka? Pioneer? Understand what is sd1 and sd2. Some med like Metformin cost 1.1 per week. Use those.
First thing u need is to ask the uncle he smoking ( literally) or not. I have uncle say no money but smoke a pack a day and drink 2 cans a night.
Ask what is their financial burden. Maybe its real, 1k salary need to feed demented mother , low iq son. Then he might qualify for car giver grant. Did u explore that? Or u just no money ah uncle? Want see social worker or not? Dun want ah .ok lor. Case close. Decline due to financial reason. Decline MSW.
Aiyah...I dunno the pattern of junior doctors meh? Other times they need to understand save pennies , waste pounds later on to rationalise their spending.

Fixed belief is another thing I can ramble on...really got such patient. It's true. How do u overcome it? Got ways and techniques one. Some really idiots no choice but given enough time most patient will listen to you.

Dun wax lyrical about shared decision to me. I wrote the paper on that. This works only if the patient fully understand what is going on. Did u make sure he really understand the sequale of this silent disease?
How sure are you? If someone ask him later and he cannot fully answer, u have failed liao and this is not a shared decision making. It's actually neligence. Shared decision making is very very hard one.
i am a doctor, above is not my job to dig

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