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Hello everyone

I will be a fresh graduate soon and will be majoring in Physics 2nd Upper (4.3/5) local uni.

I do not have a lot of knowledge about banking but I am looking for an operations role at an IB. What are my chances of getting the job?

What are your recommendations about other jobs for my degree besides engineering and government sector jobs? Reading the comments about engineering in this forum, it is quite disheartening and I doubt I want an engineering job.
Why aim for ops when you can join many of your physics major comrades in more exciting roles in quant research, high freq trading, structuring, risk management?
Do a cfa1, read up hull book on derivatives, and network everynite at harry bar in boat quay when high finance priests gather. Once you get into these roles, you will be at top of food chain, and you will never believe a nerdy physics major sex lives can be so good!
Good luck my fellow comrade

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