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Another humble bragging.

Easy. Just sell your second property. Apparently the rental yield is much lower than the repayment. You've now got cash to invest in stocks and stuff. And what the hell are you buying to have credit bill of 6k a month. That needs to be looked at. Obviously you can't be eating wagyu everyday if you genuinely want to retire comfortably. And why do your parents need 4.5k when you retire? Don't they have their own savings and retirement plan?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My current income streams:
salary $23k
rental 1 $2.5k
rental 2 $2.2k
side hustle 1 $6k
side hustle 2 $1k
dividends $1.3k
Total: $36k

If I retire I will lose my salary of $23k, leaving $13k.

However, these are my expenses:
parents 4.5k
helper 0.7k
ppty tax 0.4k
credit cards 6k
bills 0.5k
loan 1 6k
loan 2 3k
income tax 3k
Total: $24k

If I exclude income tax, it is still $21k. Granted that both loans are technically paying off properties which are assets, they are still depleting my cash.

Am I able to retire?
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