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This guy is shooting through the mouth w/o thinking. I quickly ran a simulation using our company’s financial planning tool base on the information he provide & some general assumption:

1) Finish degree start work at 24 years old, starting pay 2k (which is very high 16 years ago if he is 40 now)
2) Take home after CPF left 1.6k, so I assume he save 50%, i.e. $800 a month (again very high assumption)
3) He claim his return is 5% - 10%, so I assume on average 7.5%
4) Let’s say he is a high flier with annual increment average 8% a year (very high assumption)
5) No major events that affect his lifestyle like marriage, kids, parents etc., therefore he can save 50% of his pay throughout the entire 16 years working

The result is plain & simple. Even with above average assumption, he will end up with approximately 485k by the time he reach 40 yrs old, it’s a decent sum but nowhere enough to generate a “passive income” of 6k per month or “assets under management” of $3million.
Not surprising.

If we look around us there are many late 30s or early 40s PMET friends, relative & colleagues. Quite a number of them save wisely and do not anyhow spend. Most also invest in stocks, unit trust, properties etc, but I haven’t seen anyone like that who can accumulate millions and generate 6k passive income by the age of 40, it just do not work that way.

The only way to short cut the process is either got big inheritance, start a successful business, high flying career or be able to generate returns of 15%-20% per year like the top hedge funds in the world.
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