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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You do know that management job is to make profit for the company so their own bonus is high?
I'm M2 managing a team of 1 M1, 1 E6 and 3 E5.

I can't change this composition.
Its set by my boss.
Unless I bring in a new project that cost more than hiring cost.
Then only he agree to hire extra 1 or 2 E5.

Sad to say the M1 is my buddy he been working for me for 10 years now.
The E6 is new. Won't be promoted. He will probably leave before.
E5s job are very relax. They just fix some minor bugs and do some simple service request.

Most of the time I can see them play mobile games in office.
(like I have no eyes they hide the phone by the laptop)...

How to promote?
Then if they leave we can rehire the E5 fresh with more energy and motivation.
The M1 and E6 are the key person. And I made sure they document the work.
Its part of their kpi which I review every quarter.

Also part of exit clearance is documentation. I made them sign and declare and acknowledge on first day they join.

So I already covered my bases.
Sad to say I also don't have chance to promote
Sadly, the composition thing is real. There was only limited headcounts for my position back then and we were in a weird place because of the team composition. I don't work under the actual manager, and my supervisor was really just like a chaperon for me. Almost a decade past and no one in my old position got promoted to E6 and beyond.

Niche skills but KPI lumped together with people who are doing totally different things from you.
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