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Hi Advisor, I appreciate all your sharing. Please ignore the unkind responses - it's the nature of internet communication where juveniles and the immature hide behind anonymity and become their alter ego. Perhaps it's due to the pressure of the society (maybe especially so in Singapore). This forum is already quite ok... check out others like channelnewsasia and hardwarezone where remarks can be much worse!
Thanks for your encouragement.Guess I dun really belong here since I dun frequent forums actively.I still got a long way to learn about the art of investing from the gurus.Guess I have made a bit of progress over the last 14 years of my working life.But I look forward to continued progress.My sense is that you will also go on to do very well in life too if u start on the right financial footing.U know many of my peers in secondary school are top biz man,lawyers,doctors and civil servants.So in comparison I really am below them in terms of career and financial achievements.Not many members of the public hold teachers in high regard unfortunately
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