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Wow!! Outstanding analysis indeed!! Congratulations.. You are wrong... I
'm guessing he married a rich wife and co-inherited the wealth passed down from generations.....

Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
Retire at 40 ? Simple lifestyle ?

Say you live to 80 with $2000 month expenses, that is 960k.
Ok, discount that amount due to time value of money etc etc.

Then consider you said you earn 6500 at age of say 37 (in 2010) ?
If you are male, degree holder , singaporean serving NS, you had 13-15 years working life. And say you saved 4500 per month for that 13 years..
you only get 800+k.

Then u had to pay your hdb flat, and child education etc...

I think you struck rich big via your investment. Definitely not via salary and saving. Most likely bought a 2nd property in 2004 -2007 etc.

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