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Default Truth about nucleus program ( Cyber)

For all who looks to join the Cyber nucleus program, I would strongly recommend against it.
Instead, go for regular job title instead because the nucleus concept is a scam.

2. Certification “sponsored” (comptia - server+, network+, security+, Cloud+ SSCP, ITIL4 and CISSP are spread over 5 years) - so does non-nucleus title
3. You are paid lesser than those non-nucleus title.
4. Your progression Is the same as non-nucleus title
5. You are expected to work harder because you are “nucleus”
6. Getting thrown into projects on your second week is norm.

Last but not least, AVOID Access management practice because one of the RO himself doesn’t even have any certification in the product, not involved in any project and yet he is
the lead consultant of the team. NCS is a legit JIAK LAO BEE place and the toxic environment is slowly sucking all my positive energy day by day.
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