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Manufacturing technician - $2.4k (work 2 years 6 months) - Life Science Industry
Bonus less than 1 month, $350 flexi cash, free medical, 1 month AWS.

Senior Test Technician - $2.7k (work 2 years 9 months) - Life Science Industry
Bonus 2.3 month , $300 flexi , free medical , 1 month AWS. Covid time addition 1 month incentive bonus.

Engineer - $4k (Graduate from Part-time degree) (work 8 months) - Gov Mindef Industry
Bonus get pro- rated (because resign too fast) , $5 cold payment medical, No AWS , dental allowance $100. This is the worst benefit i havent get.

Application Engineer $5.2k (next month's start) - (Hardware/Software company US MNC)
Bonus less than 1 month , $500 flexi , 1 month AWS, free medical.

Most of my career just 8-5 job only. I can say best WLB ever so far.
how long was your part time degree and what degree and where is it from. planning to follow this type of route
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