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If you don't make it to a Big 4 and above law firm in terms of prestige and pay, law is not a good career proposition.

Why bother grinding it out in a small or mid-tier local firm for sh**ty bosses and sh**ty clients on uncompetitive pay?

The average junior lawyer is probably smart and hardworking enough to do something non-law-related for better comp. Or get a job which pays around the same comp but for much better WLB. I'm not even exaggerating, quite a no. of my friends who quit law to do other non-law corporate stuff are leapfrogging past their non-lawyer peers. You'll be at least above average to a high performer in those settings. (At least at the junior levels. Above middle manager level, all bets are off.)

So either aim for Big 4 and internationals, or go in-house. If neither of these are attainable/appeal to you, please quit lawyering and do something else.

It's just not worth it to practice law in Singapore lower down the value chain of the industry. That's my advice to juniors going to get called this August.
This is an intensely naive view.

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