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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Seed is no longer contract-based.
There is no termination, after 2 years will convert to associate unless special case.
Wrong, read your addendum properly.

It clearly says "Subject to performance". For conversion, you need to hit "above target" rating for that preceding year.

The only thing that changed was that SEED was previously a 5k starting, 1 year then subject to renewal based on performance before second year thing. Now it's 5.5k, full 2 years regardless of your performance and you can quit anytime.

The conversion criteria has not changed whatsoever. There's only a handful of associate roles in each LOBT and each intake of SEED is around 300+ per year. ( 150 for Jan, 150 for July, give or take, assuming 20-30 people drop out )
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