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Am from insurance too. Two years in, I found it so hard to sell because I'm not a salesy person. I do up all the financial plans and proper recommendations. Never oversell and only sold appropriate plans fit for timelinr and budget.

I was also like OP who earned less than 1k a month, struggling month to month.

Covid period helped a bit since all video calls I can save on transport on food. At home just need bread.
But what hurts most was when my prospects took my financial plan, went to shop for other policies with prettier agents who also can spend time with them at dinner, drinks etc which I just could not afford.

I made a leap of faith and jumped into banking. It was so much a breath of fresh air.
Yes, sales targets are pressurising. But if you walked my path in insurance, this is a wild piece of cake.

Because people don't have impression of bankers like they so for insurance agents. You don't need to sell the idea of a loan like you do for a critical illness plan. People always like to take loans. Apply credit cards etc. No one likes to think about critical illness..

Every day its a high target but I am so so thankful for this leap. I'm making a decent 7k a month with my comms and base, I'm quite happy where I am now
I'm at a crossroad now. Would really like to speak to you to understand more in the banking industry, not sure how can I reach out to you?

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