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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I agree with this guy. You know the work that international firms do? The clients they serve?
Totally different. The thought leadership in international firm is on a whole new level.
Iím speaking from experience. Will domestic client pay you in US$? No.
Can local firms increase billing rates? No. People will just find a cheaper alternative.
Am on the client side. I totally agree. I've been to so many of these law firm client events, talks or seminars.

The international firms really outshine the local firms in terms of marketing, ability to showcase their capabilities, and client attention. SOmething that the local lawyers have yet to wise up to - it's not simply the technical ability (that's expected from all external counsel) but the client servicing that's equally impt.

Let's face facts - you put an angmor lawyer and an asian lawyer in front of an audience, repeating the same content word-for-word, and the angmor lawyer will always appear to have more gravitas (to both the angmor and asian audience). That's the way of the world, esp in this part of the world.

All the local Big 4 lawyers are pretty much fungible apart frm a few specific market-leading teams in certain Big 4s. Local firms honestly need to up their game to be up to scratch with the internationals.

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