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Originally Posted by felzus View Post
Thank you a lot for your info, i hope more people can give me advice. Recently i have also been thinking about this issue that this course is too general. Once, a friend told me that it would be better to pursue a course that is more specific, eg instead of Business Studies, one should pursue individual zoom intos, eg Fund Management. Therefore, i have been reconsidering my choice about Project and Facilities management and have been thinking about Architecture/Civil Engineering instead. One question, is there are significant difference between civil engineering and architecture? Because, they are in different faculties: Architecture in built environment, civil engineering in engineering. Please enlighten me about the specific differences... Also, if i pursue architecture, will my future job revolve around the design of blueprints of buildings/decision of required materials only? Thank you.

your future job involved kissing up to people and trying to get ahead. whatever technical aptitute u need , u will probalbly be trained for OJT. architecture is better than civil engineering. better pay, harder to get in. civil engineering sux basically. lots of my civil e grad friends either foreman consturction site , or change job become financial advisor/planner (i.e fancy name for insurance agent). and no, these are people from NTU, not some rojak uni.
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