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what's up with the spate of GP posts?

i taking TCM degree part time. During clinicals my supervisor is this young chap who actually has a Phd in TCM. He is barely over 30 and looks boy boy. Many of my classmates are actually in their 50s. Sometimes the patient think they are the master instead.

Age will actually be beneficial.

Dukie already planning for private GP? Aiya.
Trust me on this la, private GP world is not so easy one.

When doc was in short supply like 10-20 years ago , private GP is a really good option.
Open shop and pple will come. Rent cheap, patient less demanding, no NEHR, receptionist will take 1.2K pay. When other graduates after 5 years of work barely scrape 5k, u can be making 15K easily.
Now local graduates 600 a year plus 300 overseas student. This is going on for 3 years liao. 900 x 3 years is 2.7K . Even if 1000 of them go become private GP, the supply side will be flooded.
I don't know if u took econs or not. Demand same, supply higher, what happens to price?

Your raffles GP barely scraping 11k. One year 132k. Don't expect bonus la. They are not MOHH. Sounds not bad , but annual leave 14 days, 2-3 evening/ week burnt, every saturday burnt. Lock in that small room for the rest of your life with professional interaction coming from your pinoy receptionist.
Also got KPI one hor, although raffles one by virtue of their brand name easy to hit.
FYI, IT fresh grad getting 5.5K liao. With their bonus, their monthly average maybe 7K.

No wait. I want to become a private GP and have my own practice. Working for chain is a stepping stone.
Haha, go check out what rent cost nowadays. Good location upwards of 15K. Go blame your chains like Onecare who bid so aggressively. They playing the long hours of opening game by hiring locums and shaving profit by the sheer number of clinics. One clinic one anchor, 2-3 locums open 16 hours a day. Can have 5K nett nett profit ok liao. Open 10 clinic, 50K extra profit. Large enough sell it off or merge with other and become listed.
You very hard to compete as a solo GP nowadays. Pple will NOT walk into your clinic because the choices are aplenty. And dun let me get started on third party agreement.

But some chains pay more! yes, some smaller one do pay like nearly 15K. But u have to hit the ground running and KPI harder to hit. ie, patient MUST want to come back to you.

I'm not a MOHH recruiter ah , but consider the alternative. RPs in hospital not too bad now a days. Ppple don't like it because you feel like you at the bottom of the food chain without the specialist badge. Trust me , consultant got consultant stress, RPs essentially is liability free. RPs pay not bad. Starts around 8K, if u have a post grad degree 1K more. Bonus is 3 months. annual leave upwards of 24 days, CME , PTF, practicing cert, insurance all covered. You compare the ENTIRE perks and remuneration package, its not far and infact after a few years of increment, better than private hired GP. Dun forget about insurance hor, hospital RPs can negotiate for quite good insurance package one ( similar to consultants) , these are easily a few K a year and more as u get older.

Professionally, there are more interaction and variety. Hell, every new batch of cute nurses or young HOs see liao also waaaaay better than your bin chao chao pinoy receptionist. No evening work, you get some weekend off. And reality is , hospital work inbetween got time to slack one mah, its not full on seeing patient all day like primary care outpatient work.
So is RP (gdfm) and Fp(mmed) in ops better than chain gp in your opinion?
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