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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How’s ACE compared to SEED?
here are the differences

ACE program
1. not open to everyone, specific people are chosen
2. jumpstart ML / AI learning right away and work on real projects
3. undergo various projects and expand knowledge on data analytics
4. incredibly fast tracked, small intake also means better progression for batch
5. high conversion to perm since small intake, similar to GA ops program, that program also at most 10-15 people.

SEED program
1. open to anyone, degree in maritime, human resource, psychology, nursery, etc. literally anyone... as long as you talk during techtrek, sure get in.
2. absolutely 0 tech work for the first year or longer unless you're lucky. first few months learn banking / accounting / financing. next few months OJT doing project management stuffs, prepare powerpoint slides etc.
3. no pay increment / bonus guarantee. 150+ each intake, you think they have enough $$$ to inc everyone? dream on.
4. no conversion guarantee. 150+ people, by year 2, maybe 70+ left, headcount only 20+, the other 50 get fired.

you think 4.5k is bad? there's a reason why GA and ACE both pay 4.5k ( negotiable ) while SEED pays 5.5k. which one do you think mass hires and fires?

always look at the long-term benefits. good luck!
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