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I am incoming analyst and guess what bro, I know we are all piece of **** who just mindlessly churns comments from our senior bankers. But one think for sure is all of us piece of **** are hardworkers, we grinded hard in university when everyone is just chilling. That being said, I would still expect to be paid handsomely as this is why I came to the field in the first place right? I don't come to the field to learn more about companies, that's only **** I tell the MD/D in interviews. So since you are experienced in the field, how much bonus on average we can expect (let's ignore last year one-off huge bonus), do you think average of 9 months is achievable in SG?
GS just reported dealmaking revs down too. Friends in tech firms are paid in equity so their effective comp is slammed and itís not like companies are keen to maintain ESOP $value at these share prices (dilution). Thereís no divine karma to maintain the 12m bonus that you are eyeballing dude. Just as market forces and labour competition can bring your base+bonuses up, a **** market can bring it down. Just like market forces can bring companies up to 50x sales and every investor is a genius, they can bring it back down to 2x, and everyone is retarded.

The only silver lining is - analysts are the last to get slammed on comp (everyone else had more upside + analysts are the cheapest) so there should still be a healthy bonus. Just donít expect a monster bonus every year.
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