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Any experiences to share? TIA
To continue my post above because i realized i didn't share much about the experience of working in the MUFG umbrella, here are the crappy moments of my work there.

1) Your career is gone the moment you step into this bank, unless you're Japanese or White.

2) The systems they use are extremely old and slow. They still pride on their legacy systems which are probably based off Windows 95/98 OS.

3) Any recruiter knows that MUFG is a joke and they know any employee who applies to their portal is desperate to gtfo from the company because of the lack of career progression.

4) Unless you're the highest ranked person in the branch/company, you are going to face A LOT of bullying from superiors and coworkers. They will never praise you even if you managed to save the company from bankruptcy, but they'd sure be the first to scold you for the tiniest mistake made. Oh, they will also make sure that you take responsibility for everything because they do not want to be held accountable for virtually anything.

5) The work is horrendously manual and you'd be tasked to do a lot of saikang, even if you supposedly work in front office (the revenue generating division). MUFG refuses to invest in better technology and automation, as they will always give the excuse that they have no need for you if they can automate stuff.

6) The amount of bureaucracy in MUFG makes the SG government agencies look lightning fast in comparison. I've spent 2 years and asking about 12 departments for approval for a ****ing piece of paper, which is just to allow the project to get started.

7) Micromanagers and snitches are all around the office. They'll be sure to backstab you to your boss the moment they catch you slacking off, as these people have a lot of free time.

I'm pretty sure other posters will attest to the above and can add onto more horrible experiences that they have faced working in MUFG or even SMBC and Mizuho. If all these isn't enough to deter you from working in this ****hole, then i wish you all the very best. Just make sure to visit the psychiatrist regularly so that you don't punch your coworkers in the face.

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