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Originally Posted by theRealHentie View Post
I joined Binance as fresh grad swe early this year, 120k TC including base and projected bonus.

Same, idk how much everyone else earn in crypto space, has little to no info about binance, coinbase, etc in singapore demographic data. No idea if I am lowballed or whatever, but I am happy with the package. I plan to hop in 1 year or 2.

Also had bytedance offer, similar package, but I chose binance cuz I dont want the high chance to get hit by long hours in bytedance (I made a post about it previously, gathered a lot of data and talked to a lot of bytedance team and their swe. Not exactly 996 but do expect many long hours in many teams.)
you got lowballed hard af

also bytedance is a better name when hopping to better tech companies in the future. crypto is a niche field that is already dying out.

luna failed hard and with ETH merge always "coming soon" yet never here, i predict the crypto winter to last till 2024+. lets see if crypto companies have enough VC backing to not mass-layoff people like coinbase lol
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