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hello seniors, anyone ever heard of someone quitting residency and got into another residency before? I have serious doubts about my specialty of choice and wondering what are my chances of switching into another specialty. The alternative is to go out to GP land I guess.
Got. but quitting a residency always becomes a red flag. The first question your PD ask will be why u quit and are you gonna quit on me?

Residency is always tough, thats the whole point, put u under stress , u learn and become better.
Anyway, if are thinking that fam med residency is easy, hold your horses.
The only thing easy about it is that is 3 years and u have half a year to prepare for exit ( while working in a busy polyclinic).
many of my FM batch mates has spouses in other specialties. Most of the consensus is that fam med is quite draining and now where easier.
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