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sharing my background.

was in pte sector (media company) for 6 years. left to join a Ministry in 2006.
last pay at pte sector was $4.1+k.
here's how i moved through the ranks:

2006: accepted as MX11 @ $4.7+k
2007: $5.1+k
2008: $5.7+k
2009: promoted to MX10 @ $6.5+k
2010: $6.8+, left ministry to join a stat board; salary adjusted slightly to $7k
2011: pro-rated increment to $7.3k

was just notified that i'll be promoted to the next band in MX10 at my statboard next month. the pay scale starts at $9.1+k, if i am not wrong. i will turn 36yo at the end of this year.

if i continue to perform and do my work well, i think hitting MX9 in another 2 to 3 years will not be an issue, i.e. by the time i turn 40yo. i do not consider myself a high flyer - as long as you do your work and can deliver results, the bosses will see and you'll be duely rewarded.
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