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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
tech also has a linear path lmfao what are u smoking?

if you join this field it's either

1. you have passion for it despite the decades of OT / bully culture this field has

2. you have connections / talent / opportunities to earn big $$$ and progress fast

3. you're a dumbass, you read some outdated GES survey from 2010s saying big 4 = big money only to realize you got scammed hard so now you're high off copium trying to find every excuse to say that big 4 is great when in reality everyone knows you're internally crying having to OT everyday till 2-3am and looking like you're 50 in your 30s.
easy peasy im number 2 here

uncle got big 4 connection, get me in easily. manager also friends with my family, his family and my family very close

lol join tech? ahaha go join tech, get burn out in 1-2 years. u think u see those rs and tiktok bullshit bootcamp videos u can become a software engineer? dream on.

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