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The current salary scale doesn't seem to be published anymore. In 2015, there was an adjustment of the scale + increase to pay for teachers. GEO officers got +4%, SEO got +9%. So here are some estimated figures from me, based on old GEO1 degree-holder scales (will be inaccurate for lower GEO1-2 grades, I think):

GEO1: 2000-4340 (+4%?) (Untrained teacher)
GEO2: 2160-4500 (+4%?) (Trained beginning teacher)
GEO3: 3380-5540 (+4%?)
GEO4: 4450-6912 (+4%?)
GEO5: 4903-7845 (max salary grade for standard teacher)
SEO1: 5184-8316 (+9%?) (min. LH/SH/ST)
SEO2: 7236-9288 (+9%?) (min. HOD/LT)
SEO3: 8748-11232 (+9%?) (min. VP/MT)

Don't think the salary range was adjusted so simply, though - I can confirm that current GEO5 range is 4903-7845. From 2012, minimum increased 2%, Max increased 5%.

Since this is the highest salary point for the bulk of MOE teachers, think it's the most relevant for financial planning purposes. Do share if you have confirmed scale for other grades?
can anybody confirm if the above is still valid?
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