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Originally Posted by bioman View Post
I believe the following are average figures in private sector?

a) 20% increment for job switch (or promotion) every 2 years.
b) 4% increment in same job.

Thus 10 years of experience will earn you about $5.5K/month?
(Taking starting average salary to be S$2.5K/month)

Any thoughts?
Agree>>job switch may give you ~20% increment.

Dun not agree>>In ST Engineering, annual increment on average is ~3-4%, promotion increment on average is ~4-6%.(no such thing as +20% for promotion one), and people get promoted once every 3-4 years.

assume starting pay 3k, after 10 years with ST with 3 promotion, an engineer will get ~4.8k after 10 years with the company!!!

if you are a civil servant for 10 years average peformer, will hit between 6-7k

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