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close to 50 now... working in bank.

I make 240k a yr. After CPF 192k. I also have 5 businesses (1 bar, 2 shops at bugis and vivo and another 2 selling wines.. ), my in laws helping me to manage. After paying rental, bonus and everything, can get extra 150k (wine business really helps alot esp during covid and after CB). I got some robo forex investment, put in 40k, 1 month can generate 10% (now got around 60k) , so extra 4k, i take out 1k a month to give my maid, so take home 390k+-

Spend about 10k++ on insurances for everyone in my family.
Spend about 10k+ on maintenance, petrol, cash card on car. I drive a Benz S350.
Investment about 24k a year ( 2k a month )
Stocks - I put in 30k a year. My portfolio around 350k (up since 160k)
Stay in EC, maintenance around $300
Will lock in 50k for my business if anyone needs spare cash.
I give 250 a per month to my kids, 750 total.
Save 8k each of my kids, i got 3. I not gonna pay full for their uni, they got to work and save themselves.

so left with 115k.

Give parents 2k a month and inlaw parents 2k, 48k in total,
left 67k. spend on food, clothes and wife.

Wife making 120k/yr. She give me 50k to invest. Rest she keep. Recently I saw her bank got 700k. Time to treat her well and steal that half a million....

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