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Anyone been on an overseas posting with MINDEF before? Can share more details about it - selection process, living arrangements, who paid for rental/housing costs, any other benefits? Assuming the overseas posting is 6months-2 years
1. interview with the unit involved.
2. if single, 2 personnel to share a 2-bedroom apartment. unless you self-top up to stay alone in a one bedroom apt. they will pay half of the ceiling (half the amt when 2 ppl share in 2 bedroom). theres different ceiling amts for different countries. if you have family, amt will be adjusted to your family size. in short, MINDEF will pay. apartments you will likely need to self source in the local area, unless the camp has living facilities.
3. other benefits includes one-time furnishing, winter clothing (if in winter countries) allowances. medical and dental as per in SG. you can get plane tixs to return to SG to visit family, paid by MINDEF. annual leave is the same.
4. you will get extra monthly allowances, amt depends on country.

above is a short summary without revealing too much. gist is there. im sure the admin will brief you more in details.
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