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Default Work at tiktok/Bytedance

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
it doesn't matter lol they can amass alot of money in 5 years and even if these companies die they can hop to FAANG easily

I tried for bytedance and it's insanely hard. Respect to those who make it, u really need at least 1-2 years of pure competitive programmer grind to even make it to 4th round interview.

But let's be honest, these companies along with FAANG and anyone else earning >6-7k and happy with their job won't ever frequent this forum
It's true, the engineering level and talent is very good. Unfortunately lots of docs in Chinese and colleagues default to Mandarin very often. Jumping to other FAANG depends on how much you take away and develop here, but overall it is a different experience I think.

I heard hiring bar is not that insane nowadays, but depends on exact role you are applying for.

They pay pretty well too, definitely can match/exceed Google/Apple at the same level. Especially if you believe in the RSU, and bonuses for good performance can be very hefty, more than 6 months for E.

Work hours wise, so far I work more like 10-7-5 as SWE. Can't share more as too easy to dox, but I basically don't get touched after 5.30 unless we have meetings with colleagues in other time zones. It depends on whether the pace you work at is acceptable to the manager or not.

For those of you who think Bytedance is another insula has-been, think again, that's all I gotta say - I admit I did also harbour such thoughts when I joined.
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