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There is also hearsay that there are many, many more students who have been caught for cheating - it seems that just that 11 applications have been received by the AGC. No one seems to mentioned this at all in the any of the news posts.

Also, after doing some quick research, SILE is actually run by the AGC, Law Society and all of the big law firms in Singapore, who are directors of the SILE. In fact, the AG is the chairman of the SILE. This would imply that, in substance , all the firms, AGC and LawSoc may have been aware of this incident earlier, and had already made a decision on the matter. As such, I see some inconsistencies with how the matter has been dealt with by the relevant authorities, and it would be fair to say that a proportionate decision is reached balancing both the interests of the general public, legal profession and the cheaters.

At this point, those who have retaken the exams and are not pending application will definitely not dare to apply for admission anymore. In substance, you will never see any of these people in legal practice again, whether they have been caught or not. I highly doubt that they will be admitted anyway based on the increased standards of review as reported by the newspapers for the different bodies. Naming those 6 now will end their legal and professional careers, so I think the judge made a fair and considered decision for the moment, which will definitely be reviewed again in the future, when they are due to be actually admitted after the adjournment is done.

The outrage that general public and members of the public have is also very valid, but at this point one wonders whether SILE, the institution who administered the exam, should also take responsibility for this - as the TODAY article mentioned it was so commonplace to hear of people sharing answers anyway. How is this different from those who have been caught? I think those anonymous people should be revealed too to leak out those people who had shared answers online but were not mentioned.
WTF? Are you one of the cheats? SILE should take responsibility?

You cheats deserve harsher sanctions.
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