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I agree with your points. But personally I donít assume that top graduates become good practitioners - didnít mean it that way. I been in practice for some time now and have good / great law students not excelling in practice, and average law students excelling in practice.

I myself was from a crap uni with average grades and Iíve survived longer than some of my more esteemed peers.
I have a slightly different take on why this is so. It's not necessarily just because of "excelling in practice". Especially at the junior level, what counts as being a good lawyer is rather nebulous.

Law can be very elitist and prestige oriented.

If you started out in a prestigious firm, it will give your career trajectory and exit options an outsized boost due to the nature of the cases or deals you were lucky to work on. All other things being equal, an average law student who was lucky enough to get a Big 4 TC (maybe because he/she is good at interviews, personable, good looking etc), may end up in an international firm.

I've seen many good students who didn't manage to secure a Big 4 TC for some reason or other, and are languishing in small or mid size firms and will forever remain there because they don't get a chance to assist with top tier work. That sets the trajectory of one's legal career.

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