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Would like to know more about secondment / internal transfer between department in Big4? Is it a must to stay for 1 year in the current role in order for secondment / internal transfer? Even if it is a year as required, it may not be relevant as the 1 year of service is experienced in department A but not in department B.
First year associate? Please wait for a few more years. You can probably try to aim for a secondment to other functions in 2nd year senior - manager. Most people get such opportunities in their AM - manager year. It is neither that your YOE in department A is valuable nor the company is being nice and want to enable internal mobility.

Secondment to overseas, or from audit> tax and vice versa could be more common and that typically happens in first year manager year. Besides the usual overseas secondment, secondment to other functions (advisory) is more of a carrot to entice the person to give 1 more year of hard work. The thinking is that if you have been a good employee, why not con you to stay another year and see if we can keep you within the firm.

Typically, this may depend on a few things: (1) The other team is ok with giving you a chance, (2) you are ok with the terms and conditions. Might see grade/pay progression stalling depending on the function you went to, (3) You are in a big enough job with a powerful enough partner, and the team needs you that year for whatever reason.

I have seen partner promised (and eventually delivered) secondment to "more prestigious" functions like corporate finance after the person gave notice. But this is rare. Usually, it needs you to be good enough + long waiting time (audit dept is not gonna release you easily) + passing the interview at the other team.

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