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24 + 2 days leave isn't really competitive... don't forget that banks run throughout a year whereas tech companies have multiple company wide holidays ( especially US companies ) and most of the time, the last 2 weeks of December are blocked.

So while you get 14 days at US tech companies, that's 14 days leave + 2 weeks in mid December off + 4-5 company holidays throughout a year... not sure about other US companies but mine also has 120 days sick leave a year which a lot of people abuse.

if you want to know more about DBS SEED, find those ex-seeders or current-seeders on LinkedIn, connect with them and just ask them nicely, express your interest in the program, etc.

its a great program to learn and to really grind. i strongly advice it if you're young and hungry to learn. if you're already seasoned dev ( closing to 2yoe ) then don't do it... you can easily find mid-level dev roles in other tech companies for at least >6k base pay.

anyway last I recall when I joined I was told to openly express how I felt about the program to friends and people online who were curious... so here you go. hope it helps.
seed is competitive for me who is too dumb to join faang. i think when u say us tech u mean faang lol. the smaller US tech mnc like DXC cant compete at all. If the salary increment is true, after 1 yr you will get 6k a mth in seed too.

dunno if the career progression, salary increment and benefits still stay the same aftr 2yrs but i hope someone live at dbs long enuf to tell the tale
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