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Not much negotiation frankly. Just prove you're competent and the companies will pay. The hr and management knows how much the market is paying. I've 10+ cybersecurity certs (all the gold standards) and have always been in big tech. I know both technical level stuff and strategic stuff and a bit of management (team lead). If you ask me to calculate encryption by hand I can do it. If you ask me about evasion techniques, I can demonstrate it. If you ask me about defense and how to tighten policies, I can do it too. I also code in python building automation in the cloud for incident response.

I consider myself above average in big tech. There's a lot more smarter people in faang who knows significantly more and deeper than I do. In terms of interviews if you're keen, yeah, I test candidates across multiple domains for breath and depth. From ha, Dr, coding, memory management, strategic, security compliance, Linux, cluster management, kubernetes etc. Normally we need the candidates to hit at least 75% of the questions, if not, we can't hire. as the work we do impact millions with every change or publication.
Ty! Self development wise, what advice would you give to somebody doing security ops?

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