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Default GDS - Great Disappointing Stint


- Bonus is good for people that performed well
- Closer connection to higher management(eg. Director level)
- Flat structure, technically no 'boss' but there still is.
- Claims process is fast and good
- Work is meaningful if you care about contributing to the country/citizens


- Pay is not up to industry standards.
- HR looks modern, but really isn't. Still tied by the WoG guidelines.
- Work is 'startup' style, which isn't a thing when you partner with agencies that has thick red-tapes. Startup style just means you have a easy road early on, pay the price down the road.
- Working speed is dialed down compared to private sectors
- Power struggle between GovTech and agencies partnership frustrates the execution level staff

Advice to Management

Honest opinion, you guys are having high turnover in tech staffing for a reason. The power struggle especially in GDS is bad. Is GovTech a vendor or a partner? If we are a partner, why are we getting overwritten by the agencies all the time? Why require a dramatic power meeting everytime the overwriting happens? This is extremely frustrating to the execution staff that is caught in-between. Also, reward and retain your staff that has proven to be good. It's the tech industry with plenty of opportunities. If it's frustrating, not as well paid and no appreciation, i guarantee the door is wide open for opportunities.

Please do not take any of this as negative. I hope GovTech does better to rival even the best tech firms. As of now, there's still much work to be done but I believe in you as a collective.
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