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Default views from a MBA career switcher

Here's my 2c worth...

Firstly, a MBA is:
- NOT an automatic ticket to a $150k job (salaries are self reported hence subject to selection bias)
- NOT recommended for folks not looking to switch industry & looking for a mid career break - too expensive and too much post mba job uncertainty
- NOT recommended if u don't get into a brand name uni - mid tier universities do nothing for ur job prospects
- NOT about knowledge about course material - its effectively a 2yr job search & its all about the strength of tge career office contacts (the valedictorian for my course couldn't find a job for 6 months )
- NO guarantee of a job - i know of a few insead graduates who were on long term internships for 6mths to a year after graduation because they couldn't find a job

I think an mba is worth it if u r keen to switch job and u land a slot in a top uni with good connections in the area u r keen on. And even then it's a crap shoot.

Reality is : the biggest key to finding a good job is graduating at the right time, something u hv no control of whatsoever. If u graduated in 2006 or 2007, u would hv 3 offers upon graduation on average . If u graduated in 2008, u r lucky if u saw one offer. If u are unlucky, u see the offer u signed earlier rescinded .

Then there's the job search process. If u r looking to switch into a glamour role like front office banking or consulting , get ready for the most demoralizing and unpleasant process of your life. And it lasts for 2yrs.

The first thing my career office told me when i said i was looking for a ibanking role was that my chances are between slim and none. The second thing they told me was to use any and every connection i had to beg and grovel for an internship in a bank. Then they asked me to cold email all the alumni in all the banks, to ask to meet for coffee so that they can tell me if there r any internship positions available.
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