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pls stop giving him false hope.

at his age and background, at most he will just end up in ops in a bank. I wld rather him be a civil servant than join ops in a bank.

if he wants to go where the money is at front office, he needs a branded masters or MBA to switch in (not local uni pls). But nowadays even with that, it is hard to break in. My fren at BB FO receives tons of resumes everyday from ppl cold emailing him. These ppl have branded Masters or have relevant work experience and even these ppl are not getting interviews, what more an engineer who just wants a career switch.

short of getting a masters, i think he has a higher chance of getting rich by being a property agent or financial planner than entering a bank's front office.
Well the hope these people subscribe to is that as long as they can get some overworked underpaid crap work in a bank, it is at least a step in and they just need to perform and play politics to worm their way to the lucrative front office after that.

Just like anywhere, 95% of them wonít make it to FO. But then everyone likes to think they are the 5%, donít they? They are adults and can & should make their own informed decision.

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