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Originally Posted by jerrykoh82 View Post
Hi, may I know how can an engineer enter into the finance industry? What are the possible requirements in order to enter into this industry without prior experience in finance?

I'm interested in finance because of my interest in investment. Looking at business metrics and analyzing financial data always excited me. Probably influence by friends who are business owners and investors.

Secondly after 4 years in the engineering field, I have come to the conclusion that I have lost every passion in it and it seems the financial industry seems more rewarding both in career and also financially.

Since I'm not in the financial industry, it will be great if someone can provide some advice.
It helps if you know people in the industry. Start in ops. Though pay is miserable, it's a start anyway. But I doubt your passion will last, cos you'll be wondering why you can't be the CEO.

But seriously, there are thousands of engineers like yourself, so first you have to fight off the competition.

Everyone can bullshit about passion. Some can do it better than you.

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