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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sports medicine is a slacking place.
But u need to get into the uber competitive top rate first class fam med residency in singapore.

Then spend another 3 years for your advanced sport medicine training.
Sporttie life is slack.

Btw u still young, dont let the the naysayers in this forum dissolve your passion and love and desire to save humanity.

Singapore actually quite slack one. Nowadays just 1 call per week. And no more coming at 4am, and leaving at 12am.

I urge you to come back to Singapore to reignite your passion and serve humanity.
Thank you for that reply. Are you speaking as a doctot working in Singapore?

Would also like to know about those other specialties that I mentioned in my previous post (radiology, anaesthesiology), if anybody else has some insights to those 🙂
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