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Good grades is a pre-requisite for promotion, but does not equate to promotion. Your grade is an acknowledgement that you are doing more/better work output than peers of the same subgrade.

There are other factors, and one key factor that school can contribute to is raising your CEP. Your promotion would generally be faster if the school perceive that you are capable of reaching SEO1 and above before retirement. For such cases, good interpersonal skills and critical thinking would play an important role.

Doing good SOLO work is great for getting good PBs yearly, but to be identified as a potential SH/HOD/ST/LT/VP/P/etc, you will need to show that you can lead a group of teachers, as well as manage them well. You must also demonstrate that you can look at the macro perspective of matters.

I.e. If you are fantastic classroom teacher and produce results and do work assigned to you well, the school would rightly assign you an A or B grade. However, that does not translate to being able to lead a department, and is also independent on whether you proactively share and guide colleagues in professional development.

A fantastic A/B grade teacher can be amazing when given instructions on what to do, but for SEO1 and above, they would want to see you identify issues or areas of growth, and take the initiative to do something about it instead of waiting for others to tell you what should/can be done.

I hope this helps you in your journey.

Thanks for the info, really helpful to know.

Well from my RO, he mentioned to me before my CEP is good and moving well up. However our sch has all positions filled up, including all HOD, SH, LH, we even have some subject with 2 LH
So KP level is totally full already

I have no appointments at all till date because there is no space for any hahaha
Staying in the school is actually v challenging too because everyone is doing very well and snatching a piece of your credit. Most of the time, ppl want to be part of something and get that credit

In fact this is the first time I feel why teachers have politics..
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