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INSEAD median salary S$150k: Believable since most MBA grads try for jobs at investment banks. A main reason for taking MBAs. Did they mention how many % of their post grad MBAs found jobs and how long did they take to find a job after graduation?

NTU/SMU surveys: The $10k a month is real but only about 1% of grads reach that kind of salary. This is the starting pay for Investment Bankers. (bulge brackets: Citi, Goldman, MS, CS, BOA/ML and a couple of others pay this to fresh graduates in 2011) $20k a month is not normal. Probably that fella applied for a job overseas and included his allowances such as housing etc. SMU claiming students making an average 4-5k: Seems high. Is this median or average? I would think the average for B&F is high $3k for 2011. NTU average is lower because their business school includes accountancy and auditors start at $2.4/2.5k per month.

My background: Local grad in 2007. Working in a bank. Would think my data pts should be pretty accurate.

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I don't trust surveys done by the schools themselves. SMU claimed its students are making 4-5k. NTU had one with 20k. Do you believe?

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