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I find your situation to be quite similar to mine. I am a year older than u and I started doing IT - programming and start then moved on into Project Manager. As I was interested to help business grows, my boss shifted me into Business Development and doing Project Management concurrently. Eventually I made a job switch last year and I'm doing Business Strategic Planning and Consulting work in a large MNC now.

MBA can be an avenue but essentially what you are seeking is a career switch. Find your specialisation and see whether is it possible to facilitate a switch - using what you have instead of throwing it all away.

To go into Strategy, you will need to be a good communicator, be meticulous and be able to use many management tools. When I first entered into strategy initially, it was not easy. Many people doing strategy are those in senior management and it requires a different mode of thinking - Systematic Thinking. Many consulting and strategic tools are used and it's essentially it is about using the brain. Thus, you must be able to see the big picture while being grounded at the same time and envision economics, business, operations and a series of business synergies together.

Anyway, I'm also doing a part-time MBA now but I believe it is not MBA that helps me get my job. It is being be able to write good resumes to attract their attention, sell yourself effective during interview and do well during the first few months. Need hard-work.

As we get older, the opportunity cost become higher. It is not worth doing full-time MBA considering the opportunity cost.
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