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Originally Posted by sporean in bj View Post
Thanks for the advice guy in beijing,

i have actually bought 2 chao yang properties with the money from the stock options when the company IPO. currently i have also invested in a resturant with a fren here.

my network is actually pretty strong, it just that i am getting tired. i can arrange quite a bit of intern/factory visit even in other cities for the schools.

by the way,baxeter the basic pay for a lot of pple doing ir is not high but u can have a good bonus if your share price is good.
that is even more puzzling to me.
1) with 2 properties in chaoyang, that will get you a net worth of more than 1 million or more. If you rent it out, it should more than cover your mortage or better.
2) with your strong network, there should be better things to do than to to a poly lecturer.
3) with cash, go and 'buy' a better degree. even Cheung Kong business school adds better value and you get to network with chinese entrepreneurs and CEOs.

why do you even need to work?

"same guy from Beijing"
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