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Last time no Internet forum like salary sg or mycareerfuture or LinkedIn for ppl to compare their salaries. Everyone happy as long as what they can is what they think justify the Amt of work being put in. Besides. Salary of big 4 in the past was really decent for a local grad, at least not the underdog of the undergrad. Now what we see is the Amt of work has tripled due to greedy Partners getting more engagements by undercutting prices, while the wages increase abt 500 compared to 10years ago? Lol? Canít even keep up with inflation

Why no ppl laugh at civil workers ? Because they 9-5 shake legs Everyday, getting a lower wages but with better WLB is a choice . Oh wait I forgot now even civil services earn more bucks than big4, supposedly big firms that churn huge profits (by exploiting employees who still drink the grind and work hard= rewards koolaids)

If u ask me, no Personal life + no money, another modern way of natural selection lah.
Hope no next gen of auditors
15 years ago b4 is 2k. Now 3k? Wow..

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