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Originally Posted by dun_waste_time View Post
Thanks Bro, really appreciated.

Actually that's roughly my plan too. i'm looking at doing my MBA during the year 2013. When the economy is not doing well, the best investment you can make it to yourself.

It'll give me sometime to prepare for the financial commitments during my year of study. Thanks for the insight. I guess there will definitely be times whereby i would think to myself whether all these is worth it.

To most of us, including myself, is to lead a better life. Striving for better pay. To me, it's also really to challenge myself to see how far i can go.

Thanks for all the input.

Just another question, really out of curiosity, cause i'm been reading alot in this forum. Does anyone taken the MBA and go into civil service? What are the prospect?
I am sure this MBA stage is something which every mid-career professional goes through. You may find this useful.

My opinion is that a MBA helps your "boss" to push you up. What this means is that you must already be of a certain "calibre" or performance, and in putting up your promotion recommendation, your MBA fulfils one of the item on the "checklist", which allows them to discuss other areas such as leadership/management capability etc.

A MBA is definitely something good to have, not a need. However if the money and time spent can alternatively be put t better use in volunteering for a major company project, personal business venture etc, the MBA can wait.
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