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Is because your sinkie B4 partner like Max wants to pwn you big time so that he can sleep well in his bungalow. ownself graduated from local uni donkey years ago but chose to hire jhk to depress salary so that he can reduce cost and pocket more profit. These sinkie B4 partners are also the same bastards who colloborated with ISCA to launch the SG CA qualification to pwn local grads. knn, already work like dog liao still have to revise for your nonsense exam

sinkie pwn sinkie at its finest.
hhahaha not only launch scaq but also making it especially tough just to suck the auditor's pay up if he/she fails the paper. imagine take away home $2.5k - $2.6k for A1 and to retake the paper its almost 1.4k?!?!?!?!
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