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local uni la bro not your japalang private uni. so far i have never seen people from kaplan entering it into big 4 as fresh grad. UOL first class have higher chance to enter into big 4 (if they're first class). kaplan and psb students no calibre one
As if jhk tongkat ali uni grad got calibre Lmao.

The fact that jhks are good enough to be your M and SMs, and there are loads of them in big 4, shows that standards in big 4 is a big joke in the 1st place.

Jiuhuland even has a university called "multimedia university" ffs.

You think other professional firms are so eager to hire jhk en masse like big 4 does? Does McKinsey, BCG and Bain hire tons of jhks? Do big actuarial firms like Willis Towers Watson do? Its only in big 4, where standards are low and the priority is cheap cost, not quality.
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