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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I totally understand how you feel and where you are coming from; I was at a similar cross-road 10years ago.

I think all the previous posts raised very pertinent issues. Just a few more thoughts:

1) Outside of financial institutions (IB, S&T) and consulting firms, it's generally the MNCs and the big local companies (even then, less so) who will compensate you for the MBA.

2) Therefore, have you considered doing your MBA outside of Singapore - where the market for such talent is broader and to be near the MNCs/ companies who will value your MBA. Also, they will recruit you to come back to Asia (if that is where you want to work)

3) However, given the current economic climate, getting a job in US/Europe/HK might be challenging. So you might want to consider delaying your MBA for 1/2 years

4) I will urged you to think of this as a "5-yr project". Beyond the 1/2 years that you will spend geting your degree, the remaining 3/4 years are when you "reap" the benefits and/or get the jump from getting the MBA. From speaking with people who had gone through this route, you will find the biggest delta you will get is the first few years. After which, its again down to how you perform. This is not to say performance/working hard is not important in the first few years, but just that that's when the degree is most useful in helping you open doors etc

5) As you are thinking of doing a mid-career switch, doing an MBA will be trememdously helpful as it acts as a "re-set button". However, be prepared for many rejections and have a good story to tell.

6) Network, network, network. Jobs rarely come to you. But you will be surprised what is out there/who is hiring once you start talking to people.

7) When the chips are down and things are rough, always remember - you only need one person to see your talent, one person who believes in you, and one person who will give you an opportunity.....ONE job (though it will be nice to be armed with nth number of offers). So do not be despair (and I assure you there will be many moments during this journey when you will question why you went down this [email protected]!)

Lastly. Be clear headed. Be very sure why you are doing this and what you want to get out of this. Have a plan, do not look back, and GO. good luck.

Thanks Bro, really appreciated.

Actually that's roughly my plan too. i'm looking at doing my MBA during the year 2013. When the economy is not doing well, the best investment you can make it to yourself.

It'll give me sometime to prepare for the financial commitments during my year of study. Thanks for the insight. I guess there will definitely be times whereby i would think to myself whether all these is worth it.

To most of us, including myself, is to lead a better life. Striving for better pay. To me, it's also really to challenge myself to see how far i can go.

Thanks for all the input.

Just another question, really out of curiosity, cause i'm been reading alot in this forum. Does anyone taken the MBA and go into civil service? What are the prospect?

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