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Originally Posted by jjjec View Post
Hi all, would love to have some advice.

Local diploma + Private Uni degree in tourism/hospitality.

Working experience wise, worked in small boutique hotel as front desk and subsequently assistant manager, then afterwards worked in SME in tourism-related biz for around 2yrs, managerial role but barely hitting 3k salary at age 28, gotta work all weekends and PHs, with zero employee benefit.

Am thinking to switch career to something that has more growth perspective - as well as salary wise. Hospitality industry pay has always been lower than the rest, but now with covid it is getting even tougher.

Any recommendation on what avenues I may explore? Would my managerial experience helps with me getting Managament Trainee programs in some MNC? Or should I try to totally change industry and start from scratch? My concern is that my education and working experience are 90% hospitality and service related - which means I pretty much have no 'skills'.

PS: I have worked as financial planner before for less than a year, due to hating the pushy-sales culture. But I realised there are also financial planner jobs which are fixed hours with decent basic salary? Any insights would be great as well.

Preferably I can find a new job with stable working hours, starting somewhere near 3k as well, with decent employee benefits.. so that on weekends i can take up some part time stints. but am open to all ideas now really Feeling the financial burden upon marriage and baby

Many Thanks.

Bro , have u consider joining Tech sector, Tech doesn't mean u gonna be a coder, you can be a business analyst or project management and yes these pay well. starting pay range from 5k++

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