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Originally Posted by MNC Bloke View Post
Dumb comparison thread again?

If you prefer a job that lays everything out for you, promote when it is time, increment when it is time, stick to one company for life then join singtel. Good for those who cannot survive global competition. So if you belong to this category of people, Singtel wins hands down for you.

Micron is a global listed MNC that don't award rewards for no good reason. You have to deliver and show results. All those who keep saying Micron don't pay as well or whatever are just those who cannot do well. You join Micron to give your profile some boost. Work for 2 to 3 years, with some increment, move to another company like Infineon or Lams research with a 20% pay jump and role promotion. Another 2 to 3 years later, with some more increment, move to another company like WD or Seagate with another 20% pay jump. Another 2 to 3 years later, with another some more increment, move to another company like Aptiv or Continental which is in another industry with related products with another 20% pay jump and a higher role. By then you got about 10 years under your belt at least staff engineer or manager position, with some professional certificates like 6 sigma or PMP, your pay will be pretty decent. If you want to have a comparison of the salary, go and check official stats, don't read from hearsay from forums who boast about 10K 20K per month sort of BS. If you get 12K a month, with AWS and 1 month bonus you make 168K and that puts you in the top 9% of Singapore income bracket excluding the probably 50% population who don't pay income tax. Suddenly you realize the top 9% of residents in Singapore are in this forum??? Use you brain all you simpletons!!

Semicon dying?? Another dumb analysis. Those halfwits don't know that COVID accelerated Semicon growth. Forgot about the chip crunch?? Semicon is thriving, changes are coming, just that the move to SSD is fast, storage to cloud. And semicon is not just about semicon, Lithium, Copper and Silion mining are driven along with it. With them, supply chains, legal, quality, engineering gets boosted. And if Computer science thrives, they need semicon to help push it as they demand more and more memory, data transferrable, technology keeps upgrading. Nowadays, smart travelling, automotives, aerospace, medical, telecommunication industries are pushing on to the AI industry. Keep your eyes global, not some singapore village. Only short sighted idiots care about prospects in Singapore only. We are already global.

Tech companies are good, yeah, they pay well. But they need semicon to survive too. And if I want to join a tech company, I will choose Google, Nvidia, Cisco, MS. Why the hell do I want to downgrade and join Singtel?

For goodness sake, use your brains...
wow... finally one sensible post after so many crap from pro singtel people.
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